Spin Doctor

Michael Jokubaitis wraps up National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

Forward Payment

Theo School alumnus Hana Kim organizes scholarship and research aid for a better future.

NYC Interns

Fatou Diallo turned a U.N. internship into something much more.

NYC Interns

Ariel Gitlin pursued her love of comedy in the city hotspot Amy Poehler founded.

Student Debt

Dayna Knight came to Drew knowing she wouldn’t be crippled by student debt.

South of the Border

Ricardo Castro brought his soccer cleats all the way from Mexico.

Triple Threat

One varsity sport was never enough for Kati Eggert.

Winning Streak

Raul Smego and the domination of men’s tennis in the Landmark Conference

Pure Chemistry

How Alae Kawam was swept away by science.

A Nobel Laureate

Physics prof Jim Supplee planted a seed one summer long ago.

Challenging Cholera

A double major studies a molecule that plays a role in the bacterium that causes cholera.

Worldwide Civic Scholar

Emily Kubin builds on civic leadership she started long before she came to Drew.

Honors Advantage

Baldwin Honors students have class with former U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan.

Drug Discovery

At RISE, Christian Maggio preps to take down virulent viruses.

Winning MAT Grads

Does the MAT program attract award-winning students, or build them?

Four Civic Scholars

They’re part of an ever-growing group at Drew, now topping 100.

Futures in Stock

Want to help students master the market? Put cash in their hands and let them loose.

Contemporary Art Semester

Drew students see works in collections, but also art—and history—as it’s being made.

U.N. Semester

Drew’s U.N. Semester, the first in the nation, has been running for more than 50 years.

Wall Street Semester

In the words of one student, no pun intended, it offers “a wealth of knowledge.”

Recruitment for the College

Meet the new faculty for 2013-14.

Funds for Summer College

Each summer, dozens of low-income highschoolers test drive college for a week.

Endowed Prof’s New Book

Kenan Professor of History Jonathan Rose’s new book on Churchill’s literary side.

Funding for Research

Professor Joslyn Cassady researched health awareness in the Amish community, thanks to a grant.